At HESStec, we are pioneers in innovation in hybrid energy storage solutions and enabling energy technologies, driving a sustainable and efficient future in the energy industry.


HESStec has developed a suite of flexible and modular products that can be configured and set up into different solutions depending on the application and the stakeholder.


At HESStec, we offer comprehensive solutions that combine technology, products, and services to drive efficiency and economic benefit. Discover how our integrated solutions can enhance decision-making, providing greater efficiency and precision.

Find the perfect solution for your needs.

A solution mainly focused on Transmission and Distribution Operators for global deployment. The purpose of this solution is to provide grid stability, replacing a system called Synchronous Condenser while also offering controllable Inertia and Voltage control, along with all the available services that Energy Storage can provide, reducing Capex and Opex.

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Res+ focuses on Developers, Utilities, and Power Generators, meeting grid code requirements and offering multi-service operation for energy storage. It integrates with renewables or functions standalone, providing services like Time Shifting, Arbitrage, power smoothing, Frequency Response, and more.

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A scalable solution for the C&I sector, providing grid stability and economic optimization through the intelligent InMS System. It integrates renewable generation, optimizes self-consumption, and ensures grid parameters with grid forming technology. UGRID+ suits gridless or unstable applications, offering UCMS, UCRACK, INMS, SHAD, and FS4G products.

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This Solution targets Utilities and Infrastructure Companies, enabling Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure deployment and microgrid management. It addresses power limitations in existing grids and offers Distribution deferral. Key products include InMS, Shad, and various software modules.

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This Solution targets Utilities and Infrastructure Companies, enabling decarbonization of ports through microgrid management. It addresses distribution restrictions caused by peak consumptions from machines, cranes, electric boats, and renewable generation. Key products include UCMS, UCRACK, INMS, SHAD, and FS4G with various software modules.

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HESStec offers an end to end suppor for Energy Storage Projects, offering solutions for its clients by combining the different developed products with the different offered services.

In Depth Analysis

Technical Design

Integration & Optimization

Operation & Maintenance

Testing and Certification

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