Facing challenges of today’s electrical grid

“The irruption of new assets in the energy mix drives the application of a new approach in order to provide manageability to the grid”

Main Challenges

  • Updating the electrical grid infrastructure
  • Increasing penetration of centralized and distributed renewable energy sources
  • Need of capitalizing actual and future grid assets
  • Integration of high power loads such as electric vehicles charging stations
  • Need of grid manageability: IoT, Data analysis, interoperability, cibersecurity, grid resiliency
“HESS Ltd., with its disruptive hybrid approach, supports the energy shift paradigm, holding the key to maximize the value of energy storage in the grid ”
The hybrid energy storage approach: the key to face the change

What we achieve?

  • Investment and O&M reductions (15%-25% Capex, 25-35% Opex)
  • Boost your revenues streams by stacking multiple grid services using a single solution
  • Operation and assets profitability optimization, extending assets lifetime and operational efficiencies
“One chemistry does not fit all services, only a hybrid energy storage approach can do it. If not, you have to oversize significantly (up to x50) “