European project belonging to the ECSEL Joint Undertaking program. Consortium led by Infineon and formed by 22 European companies, grouped by countries. The Spanish consortium is formed by Iquadrat, CTTC and Leitat. 

PROGRESSUS project steps in as a vigorous initiative with a key objective to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions related to mobility and grid power generation by at least 30%, compared to state-of-tth-art installations. This ambitious target will be met under the design and development of a series of technologies and methodologies that also target to reduce the peak power consumption from the grid of at least 30%, and to increase the efficiency of the grid’s components in order to enable and support a wide-spread diffusion of electromobility, compared to the state of the art. In parallel, use-cases that combine the PROGRESSUS achievements will be deployed in order to validate the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and demonstrate the reduction of peak power consumption from the grid compared to the state of the art.

The PROGRESSUS project aims at providing solutions in three essential technical research challenges for the energy market infrastructure, which will define and motivate the research conducted by the PROGRESSUS partners:

  • Challenge 1: Power Conversion, referring to radical changes in power conversion components and technologies;
  • Challenge 2: Energy Management, referring to essential changes in energy management procedures for both large-scale grids and microgrids;
  • Challenge 3: Metrology & Monitoring, referring to pervasive changes in security technologies and metering infrastructures for smart grids.

In this challenging framework, PROGRESSUS aims to design, implement, trial and evaluate novel technologies and solutions in order to address the aforementioned challenges. In view of the importance of validating and confirming the proposed solutions, we present the following objectives related to the PROGRESSUS solutions’ design, development and demonstration.

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