Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions Ltd. (HESStec) is a technological solution provider, pioneer in creating hybrid energy storage solutions (HESS), optimized in economic terms, thanks to the integration of several energy storage technologies, enhanced power electronics and patented energy management algorithms in exclusive, flexible hardware and software platforms.

HESStec’s portfolio is focused on three main activities:
1. Control systems to optimize and monetize the energy storage technologies (EMS – Energy Management Systems and iNMS®)
2. Hybrid technologies turnkey HESS solutions
3. Turnkey consultancy services based on its sizing and optimizing tools

This specialization in energy enabling technologies is key to offer cost-effective energy storage and smart grid solutions that can be integrated at different levels of the electrical grid, providing a large portfolio of grid services.

A technological solution provider that solves real problems in the actual electrical grid, supporting the energy shift paradigm

A breakthrough proprietary technology focused on cost effective energy storage and power electronics solutions, maximizing the value and profitability of energy assets

Pioneers in creating “first of its kind” effective hybrid energy storage solutions, on field proven by major players (Enel-Endesa La Graciosa project, Duke Energy Rankin project)

Advanced Grid Laboratory as the key factor to test the solutions in real conditions

20 years experience team with technological and business worldwide experts

Peter Asmus
Navigant Research
Senior Analyst
Among energy storage vendors active in the marketplace, Win Inertia (HESStec commercial brand) is one of the most creative. Based in Spain, the company’s project portfolio highlights fascinating applications for hybrid battery solutions, including both alternating current and direct current (AC and DC) systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging, railways, harbors, buildings, islands or renewable integration for, of course, microgrids.

Sustainability Strategy 2023

The commitment to act against global warming remains one of our priorities, as it is necessary to protect environmental resources by addressing the effects of climate change and defining new actions to tackle this phenomenon in a comprehensive manner, with the ambitious goal of finding new ways to improve the lives of people around the world, eradicate poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and combat climate change.

In line with this sustainable approach, deeply embedded in our organization, we have articulated a new roadmap that represents a paradigm shift and an innovative tool to achieve our main strategic objectives. It is about responding jointly to the major challenges we have set ourselves: combating climate change, driving digitalization, achieving more efficient energy, reducing social inequalities and guaranteeing universal rights.

Our 2030 strategy represents a new roadmap that will mark our path to respond to the social, environmental and economic challenges we face, becoming “a plan by all and for all”.


HESStec works in the development of projects that improve the environment and the quality of life of people, optimizing the use of the energy consumed and making it much more efficient. This aspect is a pioneer in its international field of activity closely linked to the cooperation of these objectives. It works on numerous projects focused on different lines of action that optimize production systems, mainly in the energy sector, favoring the economic development of organizations.

All this generates an economic improvement for the direct beneficiaries that transcends economically to the whole community and the region where it is implemented. Likewise, we also provide technical support, management support, engineering and R&D. In addition to its international activity, HESStec contributes to SDG 1 by offering access to new energy solutions and innovating new engineering developments. We also provide support to young people coming out of their bachelor and/or master degrees and offer them entry into the world of work.


HESStec is concerned about improving access to food through the promotion of healthy, nutritious and sufficient food and the eradication of all forms of malnutrition. That is why it carries out an annual food collection campaign for Caritas at its corporate headquarters and does its bit to mitigate the effects of food shortages among the most vulnerable groups.


HESStec contributes to SDG 3 through the actions it carries out with its professionals, to promote their health and well-being, including as a priority the prevention of occupational hazards. That is why we are working on the implementation of ISO 45001, an international standard that addresses occupational health and safety.

Other measures include plans to improve the detection and monitoring of psychosocial factors, to promote ergonomics, to prevent exposure to environmental pollutants, to control emerging risks in our activities, and campaigns to promote health and healthy habits. The Health and Safety Committees are joint and collegiate participation bodies for the regular and periodic consultation of the company’s actions regarding health and risk prevention.

The functioning, composition and competencies of the committee, as well as the way in which its meetings are held, are regulated, in addition to the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, by an internal procedure that will apply to the entire organization. With regard to the health crisis derived from COVID-19, which led the company to apply its Coronavirus Action Plan (SARS-CoV-2) and subsequently its Business Resumption Plan, the following actions are still being monitored and applied. To date, all the necessary measures to guarantee the health of workers and the optimal maintenance of the service continue to be monitored and applied.

The company’s own Prevention Service directly assumes the preventive activities corresponding to the specialties of occupational safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and applied psychosociology. The discipline of occupational medicine is agreed with an External Prevention Service.