Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions Ltd. (HESStec) is a technological solution provider, pioneer in creating hybrid energy storage solutions (HESS), optimized in economic terms, thanks to the integration of several energy storage technologies, enhanced power electronics and patented energy management algorithms in exclusive, flexible hardware and software platforms.

HESStec’s portfolio is focused on three main activities:
1. Control systems to optimize and monetize the energy storage technologies (EMS – Energy Management Systems and iNMS®)
2. Hybrid technologies turnkey HESS solutions
3. Turnkey consultancy services based on its sizing and optimizing tools

This specialization in energy enabling technologies is key to offer cost-effective energy storage and smart grid solutions that can be integrated at different levels of the electrical grid, providing a large portfolio of grid services.

A technological solution provider that solves real problems in the actual electrical grid, supporting the energy shift paradigm

A breakthrough proprietary technology focused on cost effective energy storage and power electronics solutions, maximizing the value and profitability of energy assets

Pioneers in creating “first of its kind” effective hybrid energy storage solutions, on field proven by major players (Enel-Endesa La Graciosa project, Duke Energy Rankin project)

Advanced Grid Laboratory as the key factor to test the solutions in real conditions

20 years experience team with technological and business worldwide experts

Peter Asmus
Navigant Research
Senior Analyst
Among energy storage vendors active in the marketplace, Win Inertia (HESStec commercial brand) is one of the most creative. Based in Spain, the company’s project portfolio highlights fascinating applications for hybrid battery solutions, including both alternating current and direct current (AC and DC) systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging, railways, harbors, buildings, islands or renewable integration for, of course, microgrids.