Microgrid solutions

Weak grids or isolated microgrids (such as a military site or critical national security mission) are exposed to grid disruptions, outages and attacks on energy supplies. The main challenges these kind of sites usually faces are related to grid stability and reliability issues, a high fuel dependency (high costs of consumption and transport, security risks and need of diesel deposits) or oversizing of diesel units due to a lack of energy control and management systems (higher Capex) decrease of useful assets lifetime and inefficiencies (higher Opex).

HESStec proposes the integration of a hybrid energy storage solution based on the combination of ultracapacitors (high power response and fast response), batteries (high energy density and long term response) along with thin film PV systems and an Intelligent Node Management system that optimize the energy efficiency and lifetime of the assets in the microgrid, such as genset units, at the same time that ensure a high quality power supply to critical loads

Main microgrid benefits

Lower GENSET operation (>50% less hours)
Lower fuel consumption during operation (>15% fuel efficiency)
Lower supply operational costs
Improvement of hosting capacity of EV, UAVs and critical loads

Main HESS features

Capex reduction (25%-50% less)
Opex reduction (25%-35% compared to battery solution)
Quality of service (99% QoS related to <1 hour events)
Average time for fault restoration (1 msecs)