Distributed Smart Grids Solutions

SHAD® : the first-of-its-kind hybrid energy storage system

SHAD® solution is a HESStec’s patented proprietary technology, defined as Hybrid Energy Storage Solution (HESS) based on a flexible hardware and software platform. This enables a combination of multiple types of storage technologies, optimized for specific customer uses at different levels of the electrical grid, covering a myriad of grid applications. This solution is composed by:

1. Advanced power electronics: SHAD® converters (DC/DC) for ESS integration and FS4G converters (DC/AC) for grid connection.

2. Several energy storage technologies, such as ultracapacitors, batteries or other technologies (Flywheels or fuel cells)

3. Advanced energy management and control systems, such as EMS or InMS, that integrates advanced modeling techniques and implements IT strategies for an optimal operation of the HESS solution

The SHAD® solutions operates as an optimized ESS, that can do viable to avoid the oversizing of the energy storage technologies, optimizing the storage’s throughput and extending the variety of services that the system could provide, even simultaneously.

Main applications

– Off-Grid and isolated grids
– Grid services
– RES integration
– Electromobility
– Grid stabilization
– Peak power system

1. Optimized Capex, through a tool that achieves the best sizing of the assets
2. Reduced Opex, due to lifespan’s optimization
3. Multiple energy storage systems integration, optimizing their performance and lifetime
4. Optimized Ultracapacitors stack for grid applications
5. Multiple revenues streams, providing multiple grid services simultaneously

HMV – Transformerless Medium Voltage solution

The HMV product is a integrated hardware and software platform based on a modular multilevel power electronics architecture with an optimal size and performance for medium voltage applications without transformer HESStec has a power electronics solution with a high ac output voltage in the range of dozens of kV that allows the direct grid connection avoiding the use of a transformer. A modular multilevel power converter is an equipment based on the use of cells of a relative small power and voltage, which are series connected, as shown in figure above. Specifically, the topology of HESStec’s high voltage power electronics is a Cascaded Multilevel Converter based on the use of H-Bridges as individual cells.

Main technical features

1. Modular cells in series connection for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC), Cascade H-Bride (CHB) or MMC Full Bridge (MMC-FBC) topologies
2. Capability of integrating different type of energy storage and RES generation sources in a hybrid approach
3. Use of wide bandgap semiconductors with the latest technology
4. Implementation of advanced modulation, control and EMS algorithms for an optimal performance, with a fault tolerant approach
5. Direct connection to the Medium Voltage grid without the need of a transformer.

Main applications

– FACTS: MV Statcom, UPFC, etc.
– HVDC link application
– MV AC/AC frequency converter
– RES integration
– Grid services

1. Reduced footprint and weight, due to reduction of filter and avoiding the transformer
2. High robustness and reliability with a fault tolerant approach
3. Modularity, flexibility and scalability.
4. Competitive pricing. Savings in grid transformer and other passive components
5. Distributed energy storage and RES integration in a hybrid approach
6. Optimization of operational parameters through advanced modulation algorithms

InMS: The Intelligent Node Management System

The InMS is an embedded software platform that performs a real-time control and scheduled management of power systems, providing optimization of assets and energy storage technologies. InMS permits to simultaneously provide several grid services taking into account:

• Benefits provided by each service.
• State of each subsystem (state of function).
• Forecast of the resources and the market.

Maximizing the operation of assets

The InMS is the interface of the SHAD® solution. It includes advanced modelling techniques and implements IT strategies for an optimal operation of the HESS solution. The iNMS facilitates the operation of higher hierarchical management systems or operators by providing real time information (State of Function, optimum operation schedule, grid services characterization, energy dispatching estimation, etc.) about the availability of the hybrid energy storage systems for providing services.

State of Function (SoF): the key factor

State of Function (SoF) is a novelty concept based on a dimensionless vector that shows the availability and maximum capability of an asset to perform a service. It is composed by a set of figures of merit that indicates which services can be provided by each asset and at what extent can be each service delivered as a function of different parameters as the State of Health, past operation or available historian, state of the grid, etc.

Main algorithms

1. State of Function (SoF)
2. Grid services characterization (based on pricing, forecast, etc)
3. Asset optimization, monitoring and complete state of health of the power plant, based on the degradation models
4. Optimum operation schedule of energy storage technologies and other assets, matching between services and state of function.
5. Real-time business model adaptation